Volleyball Teambuilding Exercises


Volleyball is an intense sport that is dependent on teamwork. When a team comes together for the start of the season, the players may not know much about their teammates other than they play volleyball. Since the sport is dependent on teamwork and knowing the right play to make at the key movement, it's best for you, the coach, to employ teambuilding activities for players to perform well when the game is on the line.

Team Introductions

Before the first practice, you have a chance to set the tone for building a team that not only wants to win but actually cares about each other. Since players may not know more than one or two teammates, have each team member introduce herself, say how old she is and tell the rest of her teammates her favorite food or TV program, as well as her favorite position on the volleyball court. Sharing this small bit of personal information is the first step in helping new teammates become players who care about each other.

Setting Up the Block

No matter how hard a player hits a ball when she's spiking, great teams build a firm foundation on defense. Use the 2-on-2 drill to improve overall defense. In this drill, the two offensive players set the ball up and attempt to hit a winning shot. They get two touches before the third hit must send the ball over the net. The two defenders are at net level, working together to block the attacking shot and send it back over the net. Give every pair of defenders a turn at blocking to improve your overall defense.

Cone Killer Drill

This drill is designed to improve your team's serving and help your players come up with clutch serves when the game is on the line. Set up four cones that are 12 inches inside the back line of the court. The cones should be spaced an equal distance apart. Divide your team into two groups and place the groups on opposite ends of the court. The idea is for each group to knock over the other group's cones with power serves. Each server gets one serve and then the next server takes over. The group that knocks over all the other team's cones first wins the drill. This exercise gives each member of your team the confidence she needs when the match is on the line.