How to Throw a Curve Ball in Softball

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The curve ball is one of the most popular specialty pitches in baseball and softball. It is one of the first pitches most softball players learn beyond the straight pitch and incorporates a curving ball movement intended to catch batters off guard. The movement of the ball requires a batter to identify the type of pitch being delivered before knowing where to aim and how to swing. Throwing a curve ball cuts down on your opponent's potential reaction time and makes the ball more difficult to hit with accuracy.

Put your middle finger directly onto the right seam of the softball, if you are right handed. If you are left-handed, do the opposite. Place your index finger on the ball right next to the middle finger, and your thumb on the bottom like any other pitch.

Proceed with your pitching mechanics as normal, placing your dominant foot on the pitcher's base and the non-dominant foot directly behind it. Let your arms hang loosely at your sides.

Bring your arms back behind you and shift your weight onto the heel of your back foot, then swing your arms forward as you step toward the batter. Briefly cover the softball with your glove, then continue rotating the softball up over your head and around towards your back and to your hip.

Release the ball at the hip. The middle finger should be the last finger to lose contact with the ball as you release it. This will cause the ball to rotate to the side and curve away from your body.