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Top 10 Yoga Exercises for Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by muscular imbalance, joint instability, or bad habits formed while compensating for an injury to the sacrum, hips or knees. Certain yoga postures focus on the hips, but be aware when the exercises add to the pain. If so, release without judgment and try again another day.

Cat Pose

Because the sacrum, hips and knees are connected with the whole body, the cat pose is a great pose to start with. It gently massages the spine and stretches the neck and back.

Cow Pose

A counterbalance to cat, a cow poses stretches the neck and front torso, relaxes the lower back and mobilizes the lower back and sacrum.


Anjaneyasana stretches the inner thigh and stabilizes the hip adductors, which rotate the hips.

Warrior I

The Sanskrit name is Virabhadrasana I and stretches the shoulders and back, strengthens the knees and ankles, is a remedy for neck stiffness, and tones hip area fat.


Trikonasana, or triangle pose, stretches the thighs and knees and opens the hips and groin area.


Salabhasana is a pose done on your belly. Press your hips against the floor to strengthen the hip rotator muscles.

Dvipada Pitham

Translated in Sanskrit to mean two-footed pose, this gentle back bending reclined pose opens the upper and lower back and stretches the thighs.

Reclining Wide Legged Stretch

In Supta Prasarita Padangusthasana, the wide leg stretch contracts the inner thigh and stretches the hips, groin and thighs.

Happy Baby

Happy baby targets the hips and provides a stretch to the inner groin and massages the pelvis when it remains grounded. A perfect hip opener that you can hang out in while watching TV.

Reclined Bound Angle

A restful and relaxing pose, Supta Baddha Konasana increases circulation to the sacrum and relieves lower back pressure while gently opening the inner thighs.

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Desiree McKenzie started writing professionally in 1999. She specializes in parenting, yoga, spirituality, health and wellness topics. McKenzie's portfolio includes informational and fact-based articles for health and fitness websites such as LIVESTRONG.COM. She is a certified yoga teacher and holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from The College of New Jersey.

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