How to Build a Baseball Field Drag


A baseball infield is prone to wear and requires regular care. Part of the process involves resurfacing the infield clay at times using a device known as a field drag. The idea behind the field drag is to rake the clay coarsely. Once finished, clay can then be smoothed. You can construct inexpensive and easy-to-use field drag out of dimensional lumber.

Lay two 2-by-4s on a flat surface on their 4-inch sides, about 3 feet apart. Place the three other 2-by-4s on their 4-inch sides, between the first two 2-by-4s. This will form a frame.

Place a metal tie plate at each joint and screw them to the 2-by-4s to join the frame.

Flip the frame over and drive the size 8 nails through the three center boards at 2-inch intervals in a zigzag pattern so the nail heads are flush with the wood. The nails will protrude from the other side of the boards.

Place the 3-foot by 3-foot, 8-inch sheet of 1/4-inch plywood on top of the frame and square it to the frame. Screw the plywood to the frame at 6-inch intervals.

Drill a hole through the corner of the plywood sheet and one of the 2x4s without the nails. Place a washer over the hole in the frame and insert the eyebolt. Thread a nut fully onto the eyebolt and tighten. Repeat this step on the corner on the other side of the frame.