Golf Exercise Programs

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As with any sport, there are specific skills that need to be honed to play a proficient game of golf. Good golfers develop flexibility, strength, power, body awareness and core stability, report trainers at Sports Fitness Advisor. Golf exercise programs must help you develop endurance, balance and excellent hand/eye coordination. Golf exercise programs are designed to address those specific skills and muscles needed to swing the golf club accurately and forcefully.

Basic Weight Training

Ideally, golfers should start their weight-training program in the off-season, when they aren't on the course every day, so their muscles have time to heal and grow. The Golf Weight Training Program from Sports Fitness Advisor requires two days a week for the program. A light aerobic warm-up for about 10 minutes should be performed before every session. Plan to go through the first phase for eight weeks. Use a circuit approach and perform 10 to 12 repetitions on each exercise and then move to the next one right away. Repeat the circuit two or three times. Include push-ups, squats, lateral pull-downs, oblique crunches and dumbbell lunges. Move on to barbell rows, reverse flyers, free weight curls, back extensions on a stability ball and barbell reverse wrist curls.


After building a basis through eight weeks of weight training, move on to target your power drives. Stick with each set and perform the exercise two or three times before moving on to the next exercise. Lift weights with hard, fast, explosive moves. On the difficult part of each lift, move the weight quickly. Keep arms and legs slightly bent at all times. Avoid locking joints. Slowly return to starting positions. Do 10 to 20 repetitions for each set and stick with the twice-a-week workout program for six weeks. The 10 exercises included in the power-building program are the shoulder press, single-arm dumbbell rows, diagonal medicine ball chops, plyometric pushups and dumbbell squats. Then do dumbbell lateral raises, standing torso twists, reverse crunches on the stability ball, reverse barbell wrist curls and barbell wrist curls.


Once the season has started and you're playing regularly, continue working out to maintain the strength and power you've built. Vary your maintenance program with the exercises from the weight and power-building programs every six weeks to avoid overuse. Mix up the exercises between sustained lifts and explosive lifts. Work out for 40 to 60 minutes, once or twice a week.

Core Training

Build up and strengthen your core to improve your golf game by following a 10-minute golf exercise program developed by golfer Mike Pederson. You need free weights, a stability ball and tubing. Perform the routine once a week to start, and continue until you reach three times a week before and during the season. The 10-minute core workout involves sitting on the stability ball and pulling side twists with the tubing attached to a door or other stationary object. Then lie on the ball on your back, holding a free weight to perform Russian side twists. Include an isometric plank exercise that you hold for 15 seconds and finish with side planks on the floor while lifting one free weight.

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