Great Circuit Training Workouts for Men

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Circuit training is a great way for men to reach whatever fitness goal they may have. Circuit training can be defined as a series of exercises done without rest. Circuits can aid weight loss, blast strength gains, build endurance, and benefit flexibility. The following are three circuits to help you reach your fitness goal.

Body Weight/Flexibility

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If your goal is to gain flexibility and speed, perform this circuit three times a week. Hit each exercise for 30 seconds without rest. Once the circuit is complete, rest one minute and a half. Repeat the circuit one more time. Bounce back and forth between upper body and lower body movements. The circuit consists of squats, pushups, lunges, pull-ups, squat jumps, dips, lunge jumps, and crunches.

Weights Circuit

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If your fitness goal is to develop strength and cut up your physique, perform this circuit three times a week. Each exercise should be done for 12 repetitions without rest in between movements. Once the circuit is complete, rest for two minutes and repeat. The exercises are leg curls, military press, front squat, curls, hex squat, high rows, split squats, and triceps extensions.

Endurance/Weight Loss

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If your fitness goal is to build endurance or lose weight, perform this circuit three times a week. The circuit should be completed with minimal rest between exercises. A good gauge would be two minutes of work then 30 seconds of rest. The movements are treadmill run, stair climbing, bench jumps, lunge walks, burpees, and lunge jumps.


As with any exercise program consult a physician before beginning. Every body type is different, so beginners should modify by shortening workout times and add to rest times. Advanced fitness levels should lengthen workout times and minimize rest times. The longer you continue working the circuits, the easier they become. Be sure to adjust the work and rest times as you go.