How to Fix a Heel Lift in Snowboard Boots


Heel lift in a snowboard boot is when your toes are held snug in the boot, but your ankle and heel slide up and down loosely. Heel lift is never a good thing and can end up causing your ankles a lot of pain or even injury. When shopping for boots, you should have a boot specialist in the store look at your foot and show you the boots made for your ankle and heel size. If you already have boots with too much heel lift, inserting a J-bar into your boot will make it fit tighter and solve your heel lift problems.

Buy four J-bars from your local snowboard shop, two for each foot. J-bars are small pads, in the shape of the letter J, used to fill the empty spaces in your boot on both sides of your ankle. J-bars may also come in the box with your snowboard boots.

Insert the J-bars into your boot between the liner and the boot shell where your ankle feels loose. They usually attach with Velcro, or some J-bars have an adhesive on one side.

Slide your foot into your boot and make sure your ankle feels locked in place. Adjust the J-bar if you feel any discomfort.


J-bars can be custom made at a boot-fitting shop to fit your foot and boot perfectly. Most Burton, ThirtyTwo and Ride boots come with J-bars in the box.