3 Ways to Do Kettlebell Chest Exercises

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Getting Down and Dirty

Who says you have to be standing to do kettlebell chest exercises? But don't be fooled, just because you are laying down doesn't mean this isn't a killer workout. Choose your kettlebells, making sure they are heavy enough to give you a workout but not so heavy that they cause strain. Lay on your back with your legs together and extended. Place a kettlebell in each hand, lifting your forearms to 90 degrees so that the weight rolls onto the top of your wrist. Your upper arms should be pressed into your body with palms facing each other. Slowly push your right hand straight up to the ceiling, turning your palm so that it faces your feet. Once lifted, push up with the left hand. Slowly lower the right hand, returning to your starting position and then repeat with the left hand. Continue the kettlebell exercises for the chest, performing two to three sets of ten to fifteen lifts with each hand.

Don't Get Up Yet

Continuing with kettlebell floor chest exercises, release one weight, holding a kettlebell only in your right hand. Open your right arm to the side so that your upper arm is perpendicular to your body, forearm lifted to the sky and kettlebell resting on your forearm. Your left arm should extend straight out to the side with palm flat on the ground. Roll your left leg open, allowing the side of the foot and knee to turn toward the ground and bend your right knee, dropping it onto your left knee so that the inside of your right foot is resting on the ground. In the starting position, both shoulder and hips should be resting on the ground; however, as you press the kettlebell up to the sky, lift your right shoulder and right hip so that your body pivots to increase your range of motion. Lift as high as possible and then slowly lower back down. Perform two to three sets of ten to fifteen presses with each arm.

The Renegade Row

If you are ready for a serious workout, try kettlebell rows in a push up position, a challenging yet effective way to work the chest with kettlebells. Rest on your knees, placing your kettlebells about shoulder width apart, handles up, in front of your. Hold onto the handles and lift your knees so that you are resting on your toes and the kettlebells as you hold your body in a straight line, arms directly below your shoulders. Press down with your left hand as you lift the right hand and kettlebell to your mid-abdomen. Slowly lower it back down and lift with your left hand. This is a difficult exercise so begin with two to three sets of five lifts with each hand, gradually working up to sets of ten.