The Best Triathlon Cycle Tires

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Triathlons incorporate three sports—swimming, biking and running—for strength, endurance and stamina competition. Triathlons require specialized gear for each individual sport, and elite triathletes put extra attention on tires. The triathlon cycle tires can improve time on the bike, which can shave seconds off from the entire triathlon.

Continental Attack/Force

The Continental Attack and Force is a combination tire set designed for optimal performance. The Attack is the front tire and measures 22 mm and weighs 190 g. It consists of a stickier rubber than the rear tire and has less tread. The rear tire—called the Force—is 1 mm wider than the Attack. This set of tires is lightweight and designed to roll easily for fast riding, making them an ideal choice for a triathlon cycle tire.

Michelin Pro Race 2

The Pro Race 2 from Michelin is an all-around tire that is a popular choice among triathletes. Michelin is a leading company in the tire industry, and the Pro Race 2 is its best choice for road bike tire. This tire is built with ultra-lightweight materials that provide a balance of grip, rolling resistance and performance. With durability and toughness, this tire has a long tread life and is resistant to punctures in varying road and weather conditions.

Hutchinson Fusion 2

Weighing in at only 220 g, the Hutchinson Fusion 2 road tire is an all-around professional level tire that delivers grip and performance. The tire is made with a 127 TPI casing that resists punctures and flat tires, and the triple compound tread provides grip, performance and a low rolling resistance. Every tire from Hutchinson is pre-stretched during the manufacturing process that allows for easier mounting of the tires.

Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX

The Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX tire is a well-constructed tire that maximizes road performance. Every detail in the tire is optimized for grip, performance and rolling resistance. For example, the casing of the cord and rubber compounds is made from Polycotton and Kevlar threads that act independently from one another. This reduces the amount of rolling resistance that will improve the resistance to punctures. The tread pattern—classic herringbone—combines grip and rolling resistance for performance on the corners and on the open road.