Weight Loss Exercises for People with Bad Knees

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Exercising can be particularly difficult for people with bad knees. Traditional exercises such as running, jumping movements and even some strength-training moves such as a full squat need to be limited in this case, making weight loss harder to achieve. Those with bad knees need to avoid overtraining as well as high-impact exercise, while still getting the 30 minutes of physical activity required per day.

Focus On Non Impact Exercises

The best exercises for weight loss for those who have bad knees are exercises that are low impact. These exercises include swimming, the elliptical trainer, and cycling. All three of these methods of fitness are easy on the body, with minimal strain coming to the lower body if done correctly.

Build Up Your Muscles

Another way to help manage your knee pain is through building up the muscles around the knee. This can be done with the proper type of low-impact strength training. Exercises like leg extensions, step-ups and deadlifts all help to strengthen your lower body muscles, thus protecting and strengthening your knees. Remember to keep the weight load low until you have built up enough muscle so that you don't injure yourself further.