Ab Scissors Instructions

Set Resistance

    The key to building muscle is by using resistance. The Ab Scissor uses body weight as resistance to help build up the abdominal muscles. For those who are more experienced or find it too easy can adjust the spring-loaded knob to add more resistance for a more challenging ab workout. There are a total of five resistance levels to give your abs the resistance they need in order to firm up.

Set Seat Position

    When the seat is centered and facing forward, the concentration of the movement is on the upper and lower abdominal muscles. If the seat is adjusted and twisted a little to one side, the obliques can be targeted so the entire midsection gets a nice workout.

Workout for 4 Minutes

    Use the Ab Scissor for a total of at least four minutes. It's important to make sure you're using your abdominals and not to let your arms do all of the work, otherwise your arms will get a workout and your abdominals will not. After the workout is complete, the Ab Scissor folds down and can then be rolled away for storage until the next use.

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