How to Adjust the Ab Circle

The Ab Circle, now known as the Ab Circle Pro, is a device created to work your full core, including your upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles and obliques. Based around a side-to-side rocking motion, the device combines fat burning cardiovascular exercise with abdominal exercises for an aerobic workout, according to the company’s website. The device also includes bun, hip and thigh workout options.

Set the U-bolt safety pins to adjust the length of each handlebar. Each handlebar has six holes available to allow you to set a length to fit your preference for comfort and height. Ensure that the U-bolts pass through both sides of the tubing. Angle the hand grips inward to set the pins.

Adjust the resistance on the Ab Circle Pro by setting the incline on the front legs of the device. Set the incline by placing the locking safety pin in the position you prefer. The pin fits into support holes on the bracket at the front of the Ab Circle Pro, midway between the disc and front feet. The first hole, position one, is the easiest setting and is located at the top of the bracket. Position two is an intermediate level and is located to the front of the bracket. Position three is for advanced users and is located at the back of the bracket.

Move the swivel bar locking pin -- also called the bun and thigh pin in the parts list -- from its position just above the left knee pad to the hole located above the right knee pad. This will allow you to perform bun and thigh, advanced right side flexion and advanced left side flexion exercises. Return the middle lock pin to its normal position for basic or beginner exercises, including right side flexion, left side flexion and right and left crawls.

Perform periodic maintenance on your Ab Circle Pro, including checking the tightness of all of the fasteners and the wheels beneath the knee bowls. Use the knee bowl lock tool to tighten the screw attaching the knee bowls to the swing arms as needed. Inspect all parts of the machine for wear, and contact the Ab Circle Pro customer care department for replacement parts as needed.