How to Adjust the Draw Weight on a Bear Whitetail Compound Bow

Silhouette of man with bow and arrow

You bought a Bear Whitetail compound bow, but the draw weight isn't set to your liking. All Bear compound bows are adjustable over a 10-pound range. New bows come from the factory set at the peak weight, and a used bow may be set anywhere in the range. There is a label on the bow that has the specifications for the particular bow. This will include the draw length and draw weight.

Find the label that tells you the draw weight range and decide whether the draw weight needs to be increased or decreased.

Use a 7/32-inch hex wrench to turn the top limb bolt one turn. Clockwise increases the draw weight, and counterclockwise decreases the draw weight.

Turn the bottom limb bolt one turn. The draw weight has now changed between two and four pounds.

Continue alternating turning the limb bolts up to two more times. You have reached the bottom of the adjustment range when the limb bolts have been turned counterclockwise three times.


Do not back out the limb bolts more than three turns. Doing so can result in failure of the limbs when the bow is drawn.