How to Adjust the Draw Weight on a Bear Whitetail Compound Bow

    Step 1

    Find the label that tells you the draw weight range and decide whether the draw weight needs to be increased or decreased.

    Step 2

    Use a 7/32-inch hex wrench to turn the top limb bolt one turn. Clockwise increases the draw weight, and counterclockwise decreases the draw weight.

    Step 3

    Turn the bottom limb bolt one turn. The draw weight has now changed between two and four pounds.

    Step 4

    Continue alternating turning the limb bolts up to two more times. You have reached the bottom of the adjustment range when the limb bolts have been turned counterclockwise three times.


  • Do not back out the limb bolts more than three turns. Doing so can result in failure of the limbs when the bow is drawn.

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