How to Tell the Age of a Mathews Compound Bow

Mathews produces a range of compound bows for hunting and archery target shooting. These bows use mechanical-assist pulley systems to make the draw and release easier for the user. Mathews offers warranties on these bows, necessitating the need for serial numbers and date stamps. These date stamps indicate the age of the bow, as it shows the year it was made. To tell the age of a Mathews bow, you need to find this serial number and date stamp.

Pick up the Mathews bow. Turn it so you can see the handle/grip on the shaft side of the bow — the nonstringed side.

Read the serial number plate found at the edge of the grip. Write down the serial number and the date stamp. The date stamp will tell you the age of the bow.

Check out the underside of the bow shaft toward the top pulley on some models to find the serial number and date stamp.


For warranty service you will need the serial number, date stamp and your name and address.