How to Adjust the Cable Tension on a Bowflex Revolution

    Pull the swing arm adjustment knob out. Set the swing arm in the highest position and release the adjustment knob to lock the arm in place.

    Look at the clips at the end of the cable. If they hang down and aren't tight against the pulley, you need to tighten the cable.

    Locate the tension knob on the side of the machine, below the SpiraFlex plates. Pull the knob and turn the pulley below the knob, clockwise. Watch the clip above you retract. Stop turning the tension knob when the clip touches the pulley. Release the tension knob.

    Repeat steps one through three on the other cable.


  • According to Bowflex, the more you use your Revolution gym, the quicker the cables will loosen. Check the cables regularly and tighten as needed.
  • There is a tension knob on each side of the machine. Adjust each cable separately.

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