How to Adjust Pool Cue Weight Images

A pool cue, much like the bat used by a baseball player, should be fine-tuned, suited to the preferences of the person using it. If a heavier cue feels comfortable then a heavier cue should be used, and the same goes for a light cue. Various physical aspects of a pool player, like the length of the arm, for instance, will determine what feels comfortable. Changing the weight of a pool cue is simple, provided your pool cue has the necessary removable parts.

Attempt to remove the butt-cap from the rear of the pool cue. If you are unable to remove this part of the pool cue then it is likely that your pool cue has no weight to change.

Remove the weight currently in your pool cue, if there is one in there, by inserting the Allen key and turning in a counter clockwise direction. If there is no place to insert an Allen key then it is likely the weight is removed by some other means, and you should consult the pool cue manufacturer for directions.

Insert the new weight by twisting it clockwise in to the butt of the pool cue. You should be able to tighten it with your finger most of the way.

Finish inserting the new weight in to the pool cue with the Allen key. Tighten gently, and stop when there is obvious resistance. The weight should be tight, but not extremely so. Attempting to over-tighten the weight may damage the cue.

Reinsert the butt-cap on to the end of the pool cue.