How to Attend an NFL Draft

    Find out when the draft is and travel to Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The draft is often in late April and always begins on a Saturday and ends on a Sunday of the same weekend.

    Arrive to Radio City Music Hall hours before the draft begins. Getting into the draft is free, but the event is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because the draft room features only a few thousand seats, many fans arrive as much as 6 to 8 hours before the event begins.

    Remain outside the draft even after the event begins. If you did not get in for the start of the draft, often fans will leave early after their teams have made major picks, and room will be made for additional fans as the auditorium clears out.

    Arrive early for the second day of the draft. Because many of the biggest names were selected on the first day, the demand for seats will not be as high on the second day. Though you still may need to arrive early, 1 or 2 hours prior to the show should be early enough.

    Enter contests on the radio, team websites and at team games to try to win all-expenses paid tickets or reserved seats for the draft. This will ensure that you get in without having to wait.

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