How to Avoid a Traveling Foul in Basketball

How to Avoid a Traveling Foul in Basketball. In basketball, one of the first things you learn how to do is avoid a traveling foul. If you can't avoid traveling fouls, you can't become a competitive basketball player. While the rules are basic, it can take a while to figure out what is and what isn't a travel. Read on to learn how to avoid a traveling foul in basketball.

Learn the definition of a traveling violation. Traveling is when a player illegally moves his or her feet while with the ball. Illegal moves include three steps without a dribble, lifting of the pivot foot before dribbling and jumping and landing without releasing the ball. The penalty for traveling is loss of possession.

Work on your ball handling techniques. Beginners should always dribble before they begin to move with the ball. It is also advisable to know how to correctly use your pivot foot when you have the ball. A great way to learn ball handling techniques is by ordering the Better Basketball program. This program is available on the Better Basketball website. It explains the best ball handling techniques, and it gives you drills you can use to improve your ball handling.

Play under control to help avoid traveling. While basketball is a fast game, playing under control is key. You should completely think through each move you are going to make on the basketball court. If you get the basketball, be patient with the ball. Going too fast without considering your footwork is one of the main reasons why players travel in the game of basketball.

Practice in game situations as much as possible. While ball handling drills are great to learn the basics, real life game situations are always the best places to learn. The more basketball you play, the more you will figure out what is and isn't a traveling foul and how to avoid being whistled for the violation.