Basketball Halftime Games

Halftime entertainment has become a standard at sporting events.

How long is halftime in the NBA?

NBA halftime is 15 minutes. 15 minutes is the NCAA basketball halftime. WNBA and FIBA halftimes are 15 minutes too.

While this used to be a quiet rush to restrooms, concessions or a leg stretch. Halftime is now a performance.

Schools, universities and professional sports venues now fill that time with interactive entertainment and games for the viewing audience. First, halftime games you can use:

1. Beat the Clock

This basketball halftime game involves choosing a spectator at random who must beat the clock to win prizes. The shooter tries to make four baskets in 30 seconds. The four baskets must be a free throw, a lay up, a three-point shot and a half-court shot. Those who have some level of shooting ability can quickly get through the first half of the contest but may struggle with the three-pointer. Those who make the three-point shot must then contend with Lady Luck to heave a long ball from a distance.

  • The four baskets must be a free throw, a lay up, a three-point shot and a half-court shot
  • The half-court shot is the hardest and most amateur players should do the first two or three.

2. Twist Contest

The twist contest is a humorous way to get the crowd energized at halftime. The mascot goes into the crowd and selects random fans. The fans compete in a twist dance contest in an attempt to win over the crowd. Crowd applause judges each contestant.

The crowd applauds the loudest for the best twister who then receives some kind of prize, such as gift certificates or even a free foam finger to cheer on the team.

3. Dueling Free Throws

Two people compete in this halftime basketball game by shooting at the same goal. One fan represents each half of the crowd, giving everyone someone to cheer for.

Both players stand side by side on the same free-throw line and try to sink as many baskets as possible before one minute expires on the clock. As the crowd cheers, the contestants shoot, rebound and find ways to sabotage the other to gain the most points by the time the buzzer sounds.

4. Shoe Scramble

This halftime game allows several people to get involved in between basketball halves. Ten contestants from the crowd gather in the center of the court where they each take off their shoes and place them in a bag. The contestants turn their backs and walk to the baseline.

The game officials scatter the shoes all over the basketball court. The contestants rush around the court to find their shoes and then run to the bench to put them on. The first person to get his own shoes on wins a prize.

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