How to Be an Olympic Torchbearer

    Find out if your city, or one near to you, will be playing host to the Olympic torch in its journey to the Olympics.

    Research the requirements set forth by the city to apply to become an Olympic torchbearer. Some may require that you be at least a minimum age and you may need to write an essay to promote why you would make a good Olympic torchbearer.

    Find that some cities have a certain theme they want carried through the Olympic torchbearers in their city. Some may want to promote international relations, some may focus on the personal journeys of the individual torchbearers. This makes the continuing saga of the torch's journey more interesting.

    Make sure you meet all the requirements of the city to which you are applying to become an Olympic torchbearer. Fill out the forms accurately, and if you have an essay to write, be sure to proofread it before submitting. Applications with lots of mistakes will certainly not make a favorable impression.

    Determine if you are ready to run the distance required for an Olympic torchbearer. If you think you can do it, but need a little training first, it's never too early to start preparing for the honor.

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