The Bean Deluxe Workout Exercise

The Bean Deluxe workout system is a full-body package that includes the Bean and the Flex 10, two tools that together allow you to exercises your entire body, including your core. Rocking on the Bean combines three common core exercises in one and the Flex 10, with a platform and resistance cables, offers strength-training options.

Bean Exercises

The Bean is a bean-shaped tool made of PVC that offers similar benefits to a Physio or stability ball. You can sit on it and rock to do an exercise that combines the movements of a crunch, leg raise and pelvic tilt. This basic exercise is easy to do. Sit on the bean, placing your feet on the floor. Sit with your buttocks in the small groove of the Bean. Rock forward and crunch your shoulders off the Bean. Tilt your pelvis back so that your lower back is flat. You can also raise one leg off the floor as you crunch up, alternating legs on each repetition.

Flex 10 Exercises

The Flex 10 is a platform you can stand on that has a resistance cable on each side. You can stand on the platform and do bicep curls, tricep kickbacks or shoulder flexion to tone your arms and shoulders. You can also do cable squats and deadlifts for the lower body.

For shoulder flexion, stand with your feet hip-width apart toward the front of the platform, in between the resistance cables. Grab a handle in each hand and stand up straight. Tuck your pelvis and squeeze your abs. Always try to maintain this posture, with your knees slightly bent, your feet pointing straight forward, your hips tucked, shoulders pulled back and chin level to the floor. Raise your right arm straight in front of your body to shoulder height. Exhale as you do so. Lower your right arm and inhale. Raise your left arm and exhale. Lower your left arm and inhale. Always exhale when you raise the cables and pull against them and inhale as you lower them, regardless of which exercise you are doing.

Combining the Bean and Flex 10

The Flex 10 and Bean can be combined to do exercises that work your core and tone your upper body. Place the Bean in an upright position on the Flex 10 platform and sit on it like a chair. Place your feet on the floor.

One exercise using this combination is the lateral raise. Hold a handle of the resistance cables in each hand at your sides, with your palms facing inwards. Keep your arms straight and lift the cables out to the side, to shoulder height. Exhale as you lift and inhale as you lower your arms. Maintain a straight, upright position as you sit with a straight spine and a level chin. Sitting on the Bean will work your core because it is an unstable surface and maintaining good posture while lifting the cables will keep it working to keep you and the Bean from moving out of position.