How to Become a Pro Runner

    Build a strong running resume. This consists of running merits that highlight your gradual progression as a runner from high school up through your collegiate experience. Include finishing times at various competitions, top performances, personal bests in distances and training progression. List the names of your schools and coaches.

    Find a team and coach to train with to continually improve your skills and technique. Talk to sponsors, local shoe representatives and workers at running specialty stores to build a network. Inquire about possible contacts for agents and gear sponsorships. Show your running resume to all those who are interested.

    Research training centers in your area with the purpose of applying for their services. Training centers offer long distance training, coaching and financial and health support, allowing athletes to focus on training and competition. The final year of college is an opportune time to make inquiries and to complete your eligibility. Visit various centers and look for a good fit to match your running goals. Training centers offer guidance so you can compete in U.S. distance running both nationally and globally either on the track, road races and in cross-country competitions. Meet all requirements and submit a running resume.

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