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Many great bowlers have yet to experience the thrill of rolling a perfect game. Experienced bowlers often will bowl strikes up until the ninth frame and then collapse on the final frames. While there is a certain amount of luck involved in reaching the magic number of 300, you can improve your chances of bowling a perfect game with the right equipment and state of mind.

Choose the right ball. This is possibly the most important aspect of improving your bowling game. A ball that is too heavy will strain your hand with each throw. Using a ball that is too light will cause you to have less control than you need. Pick one that you can throw down the alley with relative ease and one that slips out of your hand without any problem.

Study the science of the game. Much like billiards, bowling is a game of geometry, angles and force. The spin of the ball and the force at which you throw it contribute to an ideal throw each time. The angle at which the ball hits the pins will dictate the number of pins it knocks down on impact.

Watch the professionals bowl. To bowl a perfect game, study their technique and posture with each step of their throw. They have been doing this for several years and they even get paid for bowling, so they are the best examples to watch.

Practice as often as you can. Experiment with different techniques and stances so you can find the best one for your body and throwing skill. You may already have one that you're comfortable with, but trying out different ones helps you learn more about your existing technique. Focus on the four key elements of your technique: Timing, release, rotation and finish.

Work on your timing. You should release the ball when your hand is at the lowest point of the toss. If your timing is off, your chances of nailing a strike will diminish greatly.

Practice imparting some spin on the ball. Rotating your fingers a couple of inches as you release will give the ball a nice curve that will increase your chances of getting a strike.

Follow through on your toss. Your hand should point toward the ceiling at the end of your follow-through. This indicates that you threw the ball with enough power to knock down all of the pins.

Videotape yourself bowling. You can go home and watch for any mistakes you've made during your game. This can help you tweak any moves that are keeping you from bowling a perfect game.

Focus each time you throw the ball. Many people lose out on a perfect game because they get excited and lose their concentration in the last frame. Think of the last frame the same way as you thought about the previous frames. This could be the key to help you bowl a perfect game.

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