How to Build a Model of a Football Stadium

Stadiums are one of the signature features of the sport of football. Every week for more than four months, hundreds of thousands of people gather at these venues. Would you like to create your own replica of a stadium or design a new model? Here's how.

Design your football stadium model on paper first. If you are creating a replica, print out several photos (each with a multiple view) of the stadium you wish to replicate. If you are starting from scratch, design off the top of your head and/or get influence from other football venues. The goal here is to get creative and get a feel for how much work this will take to pull off.

Make your designs more detailed with the addition of dimensions and breakdown of sections. First, you need to break down the completed diagram of the football stadium model into smaller sections. For example, the actual football field is one section. The end zone stands are an additional two sections. Divide the model into smaller sections so you understand how to approach building the model during the construction phase. Second, decide on the actual dimensions of the model. Remember that you'll need more patience and time as the dimensions become smaller.

Order the products you'll need. Now you must decide what type of material you want to build your football stadium model out of. A popular and cheap material is heavy-duty construction paper or cardboard. You can take this a step further by using actual wall foundation (buy the thinnest possible). Many people like to use balsa wood for the bleachers inside the stadium. The products are really up to you. You'll also need adhesive. The type depends on the type of material you use and could range from standard glue to heavy duty wood glue; you even could use screws and bolts.

Use the layouts you designed in the first step to aid in the construction of the project. Remember how you broke down the football stadium model into different sections? Now you'll construct the model in these separate sections and later connect them all. Take your time and do not rush the construction phase. Have a friend or two help if you want. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the adhesive to dry.

Add the finishing touches with the production of the actual field and/or players as well as paint the model. All of these additions are optional but greatly increase the production value of your football stadium model. You either may paint the model after all the construction is complete or immediately after you complete a section. This is up to your discretion. For the field, invest in fake grass and consider whether you want to add players on the field.