How to Remove Stickers From Football Helmets


Stickers are placed on football helmets to show team spirit or just for fun. The longer the sticky adhesive glue stays put on the surface of the helmet, the more difficult it is to remove. When you want to remove stickers from your helmet, it requires loosening the adhesive to get the sticker paper off. Things you have at home will help you successfully remove stickers and the adhesive without scratching the surface of your helmet.

Pour white vinegar into a bowl and warm it in your microwave. Heat the vinegar long enough to make it warm -- not hot or boiling.

Soak a clean cloth in the warm vinegar. Squeeze out the excess liquid and lay the cloth on the stickers on your football helmet. Allow the vinegar and warm dampness to loosen the sticker and adhesive by remaining on the helmet for at least 10 minutes.

Scrape up the softened sticker with your fingernail. Remove bits and pieces of the sticker until you're unable to remove anymore.


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Turn your hairdryer onto the lowest heat setting and direct the heat at the remainder of the sticker. Allow the heat to soften the sticker glue for a couple minutes.


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Remove more of the sticker with the edge of a credit card. Spray a lubricant spray on any remaining sticker glue residue to break down the stickiness.

Dampen a clean cloth with vinegar. Wipe off the surface of your football helmet to remove the lubricant spray and any last trace of sticker residue. Dry with a clean cloth.


Soften sticker adhesive with baby oil or olive oil, as an alternative to other lubricant.

Warm, soapy water effectively loosens and removes stickers from your helmet.


Avoid using a metal scraper to remove stickers and decals from your football helmet, as it will scratch off the paint.