How to Build a Seat for a Golf Cart

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Adding a seat to your golf cart is a great way to allow your friends to ride with you on the links. Most golf carts come equipped with only a front seat and a bag holder in the rear of the cart. Lately however, golf carts are being used as transportation by vacationers and residents in closed communities. Check the local laws before driving on the street or carrying passengers on the golf cart.

Measure the area where the seat will be placed. Use the tape measure and calculate both length and width of the new seat.

Transfer the measurements to the piece of plywood that will form the base of the seat. Use the hand saw to cut the plywood and form the base of the seat.

Cut the foam to fit on top of the plywood base. The thicker the foam, the more fabric will be needed to cover the seat. A piece of foam 4 to 5 inches thick will provide adequate cushioning for the seat.

Place the vinyl over top of the seat to measure how much fabric is needed to cover the seat. Cut the fabric so that the sides of fabric fold underneath the plywood and there is space to fasten the fabric to the plywood.

Place the vinyl on the ground and position the foam and plywood on the vinyl. Fold the vinyl up onto the bottom of the plywood and staple the vinyl to the plywood. Move around the seat pulling the fabric tight and placing a staple every three inches.

Measure the old seat bracket and find the distance between the fastener mounting points. There are usually four mounting points for the seat.

Screw the original seat fasteners into the bottom of the new seat. Use a Phillips head screwdriver and mount the bracket to the measured places on the seat.

Place the seat on the back of the golf cart and check the fitment. Reattach the seat to the seat frame using the old hardware. Depending on the golf cart manufacturer, this can involve either a 7/16-inch bolt or Phillips head screw.


Measure multiple times and only cut once.