How to Build Teamwork in Volleyball

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Volleyball is, without question, a sport that thrives on teamwork. The team must work in sync and communicate properly to execute different plays and tactics. Even if one of the six teammates feels out of the loop, the performance level of the team will be affected negatively. If you wish to build teamwork for your volleyball team, there are a couple simple but effective exercises that can build trust and yield a supportive, functioning team on the court.

Establish a rule that each partner exercise completed during practice must be carried out with a different partner each time. This will force the players to work one-on-one with each other so everyone is acquainted instead of only working with the same partners every time.

Play more team games during practice, such as "Space Invaders" where half team practices their serves by trying to hit the players laying on random areas on the opposite side or "Queen of the Court" where teams of three play single-point rounds, switching out the losing team each time with a new team. Switch up the teams frequently.

Allow each player to play the role of coach for sections of practice. This will bring out leadership qualities in the players and allow the teammates to respect each other's individual playing style.

Communicate heavily on the court. Even though it is always presumed the second hit will be taken by the setter, the setter absolutely needs to say "Mine," each and every time she plans on taking the ball, and "Help" if she won't be able to make it. Likewise, each team member should say "Mine," for every ball they take, even if it's obvious they are the best player to reach it.

Have the team hang out and do an activity that has nothing to do with volleyball. Bowling, sleepovers, or pizza and ice cream parties are great opportunities to break the ice and allow the players to get to know each other on a more personal level.