How to Build a Wooden Portable Pitching Mound


They say practice makes perfect. But when snow has covered your favorite baseball field and the start of spring is still a few months away, what is a pitcher to do? With a well-constructed wooden pitching mound, a pitcher can perfect his craft almost anywhere.

Create Slope of Mound

Mark one inch at the end of one of the 8-foot 2-by-10 pieces of wood.

Cut the angle down to two inches, leaving a seven-foot slope on both pieces of wood.

Repeat on the other 8-foot 2-by-10.

Build the Frame

Nail one 4-foot 2-by-10 to the rear of the two sloped pieces.

Nail the remaining 2-by-4 in between sides at the front of the mound.

This will serve as your frame.

Add platform

Cut the plywood to the size that fits the length and width of your frame.

Nail the plywood onto the frame.

Staple on or nail on outdoor carpet for turf-like feel to the pitching mound.

Cut 1 foot of 1-by-4 piece of wood and nail it at the top of platform, centered, no less than 6-to-7 inches from the back of the platform. This is your pitching rubber.


Measure twice and cut once.


Always be careful when using power equipment.