Bullworker Exercise Guide

Bullworker Exercise Guide

Since 1962, over ten million Bullworkers have been sold. Now distributed by Bow Products, this German-designed piece of exercise equipment is a isometric training mechanism perfect for a quick workout. The Bullworker hallmark of the seven-second contraction was challenged by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who managed to hold it for 10 seconds. Use the Bullworker to build muscle isometrically and to enhance your regular workout routine.

Proper Use of the Bullworker

The Bullworker has a built-in gauge to measure strength for each exercise. As with all training, it is best to keep a record of progress. Bullworker training involves highly intense compression and extension. Someone who has a specific muscle injury should avoid exercising that muscle. Do not use it when your hands are sweaty or oily, to avoid slippage and injury.

Bullworker Exercises for the Upper Body

There are more than 40 exercises associated with the Bullworker.

Chest compression: Hold the Bullworker in front by the handles about chest height. Slowly compress the device as far as possible and hold for 10 seconds, then release it. To hit the upper chest, hold and compress the device at chin level. Compress it at a lower angle to hit the lower chest.

Some of the newer Bullworkers have inside grips that can be used to hit both the upper and lower chest, too. Grip with both hands in an underhand manner to work the lower chest. Hold it with hands overhand to work the upper chest. Start out by doing just 1 set of each. Later, work up to 3 sets. Do this with all exercises.

Chest cable twist: Grab the cables, holding the insides of the hands about 8 inches apart. Slowly twist each end as far as possible. Hold for 10 seconds, then release.

Shoulder compression: Hold Bullworker behind the neck, compress for 10 seconds and release. All exercises should be held for 10 seconds.

Shoulder exercises with the cables: To work the anterior or front deltoid, hold the Bullworker in front. Hold one hand on the lower cable with an overhand grip. Grip the top cable with the other hand. Slowly pull the top cable up using similar tension on the lower end for leverage.

To hit the lateral side of the deltoids, hold upright and pull both ends outward. For the posterior head, bend at the waist, put the device between the legs and pull outward.

A one-arm upright rows can be done by holding the Bullworker horizontally. Pull up on one cable while holding the other end steady.

Back exercises: There are several good exercises for the back. To hit the lats, hold one end of Bullworker vertically against the top of the left thigh. Grip the other end at an angle. Bend the waist and pull the weight in toward the thigh. Repeat with the other hand. Try the exercise sitting as it isolates the lats more.

Bent over rows can be performed by stepping on one end of the cable and lifting up with both arms. Using that same grip, perform a deadlift by using only the lower back to pull up.

There is a back exercise where one can compress the weight behind the back as well. This is not recommended for people with shoulder problems.

Arm exercises: For triceps, kneel on the floor, keeping one end of the device against the knees. Press down and hold. Another exercise is to hold the Bullworker as if using a bow and arrow. Gradually pull one cable away from the body. Pushdowns can be performed by pushing down on the cables, holding the Bullworker vertically.

For biceps, hold the bar vertically. Pull up on the top end while holding the bottom steady. Next, hold the bar horizontally and pull up on one end of the cable, holding the other end steady. Concentration curls can be performed with one or both hands. Assume a seated position, lean over, put both feet on top of one cable and pull up.

Bullworker Exercises for Lower Body

Work those thighs, hamstrings and calves. Hold Bullworker overhead and do 10 to 25 squats for the quadriceps. Next, sit down, hold one cable down with the foot and pull up on the other end. This is a leg extension that can add definition to the thighs. A third exercise hits the outer thigh. While seated, with the Bullworker on the floor, hook both feet through the cables. Slowly pull each leg outward.

Hold one cable with both feet, bend over and do a stiff-legged deadlift for hamstrings. Leg curls can be imitated by looping holding one cable with both hands and pulling back with each leg.

Calves can be worked in a seated position. Holding the cables with both hands, push the other end down with the foot. Switch legs. There are two variations of this exercise. Straightening the leg will hit the lower calf more directly. Bending the leg and pushing the cable downward will hit the gastrocnemius more directly.