How to Calculate Hang Time

African man playing basketball in mid-air

In basketball, your jumping ability makes a significant impact on whether you’re able to get your shot off over a defender, how many rebounds you get and how well you’re able to defend a shooter on offense. Your hang time is the length of time that you’re suspended in mid-air. When you jump higher, you’ll be in the air for a longer period of time so your hang time will be greater. As long as you know the height at which you jump, you can calculate your hang time.

Hang Time Equation

You can calculate your hang time with the help of a mathematical formula. First, measure the height of your jump in meters and multiply that value by 2. For example, if you jump 1 meter, when you multiply it by 2, you get 2 meters. Then, divide this value by the constant value for acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.8 meters squared. If you had previously calculated a value of 2 meters, when you divide that value by 9.8 meters squared, or 96.04, you get 0.0208. Next, take the square root of that value, which will you give you half of your hang time, measured in seconds. For example, if you had calculated 0.0208, the square root would give you 0.1442 seconds. Lastly, multiply this value by 2 to get your hang time in seconds. If you had previously calculated 0.1442, for example, your hang time would be 0.2884 seconds.