Callaway X 22 Specifications

The Callaway X-22 iron set is designed to give you the best possible feel during and after your swing. Callaway weights the clubs so that you get the weight of them in the right spot at the top of your swing. The shaft of the X-22 irons is made so that you don't feel excessive reverberation after making contact with the ball.


The three iron has 21 degrees of loft, while the four iron has 24 degrees. Five iron loft is 27 degrees and six iron loft is 30 degrees. Seven iron loft is 33 degrees and eight iron loft is 37 degrees. Loft is 41 degrees for the nine iron. The pitching wedge has 45 degrees of loft and the sand wedge has 56 degrees of loft. Loft is 51 degrees for the A-wedge and 60 degrees for the L-wedge.


Lie measures 60.5 degrees for the three iron and 61 degrees for the four iron. Five iron lie is 61.5 degrees, while six iron lie 62 degrees. Seven iron lie comes out to 62.5 degrees and eight iron lie is 63 degrees. Nine iron lie is 64 degrees and the lie is 65 degrees for all of the wedges in the set.

Club Length

The L-wedge is 35 inches long, while the sand wedge is 35.25 inches long. The pitching wedge and A-wedge are both 35.5 inches long. The nine iron measures 36 inches and the eight iron is 36.5 inches long. The seven iron is 37 inches and the six iron is 37.5 inches long. The five iron is measured at 38 inches, while the four iron is 38.5 inches long. The longest club in the X-22 set is the three iron at 39 inches.

Other Specs

The X-22 set is available with either steel or graphite shafts. The set is also available for men and women, either right or left-handed. Bounce is measured at 1.0 for the three iron, 1.5 for the four iron and 2.0 for the five iron. Six iron bounce is 2.5 and seven iron bounce is 3.0. Bounce is 4.0 for the eight iron, 5.0 for the nine iron and 7.0 for the pitching wedge. The A-wedge and L-wedge bounce is 11 and the sand wedge bounce is 15.0.