Calories Burned With Pure Barre Exercises

Back of woman doing leg raises at bar in gym

Pure Barre is an exercise method inspired by ballet. It is practiced in a studio in sessions just shy of an hour that use small and short movements and a series of props to tighten and tone. The Pure Barre method has led the way for many different barre hybrid classes to be created because the participants have claimed they have seen results faster than with other forms of exercise. This method of exercise burns plenty of calories by getting your heart rate up during cardio portions of the class while toning and strengthening by isolating different muscle groups.

Your First Pure Barre Class

Pure Barre class is easy to pop into and try because there is only one level. During your first class, you will notice that the room is set up like a ballet studio, with a bar on the wall to use during the practice. Other props that may be used are dumbbell weights, a squishy ball, a tube and a mat. It can be beneficial to wear yoga pants or leggings and also sticky socks to get a better grip on the floor.

The Pure Barre Technique

The Pure Barre experience consists of a 55-minute, six-part sequence. The class starts with a warm-up, then moves on to exercises that focus on common areas that are difficult to tone. The class progresses into exercises that sculpt arms, tone thighs, lift the seat and tighten the abs. It is common for muscles to shake and twitch as you isolate different muscle groups throughout the series. The last few minutes of the class provides a cool down.

Calories Burned During Pure Barre

On average, a typical Pure Barre class burns about 400 to 500 calories. The movements made during most of the practice appear small, but do not let that fool you. The control used in making these tiny movements makes this exercises quite strenuous. The constant movements and focus on muscle groups keeps the heart rate up, producing cardiovascular elements to the exercise. It has become a popular technique because it isolates different muscles to strengthen and tone while adding these elements of cardio to produce calorie burn.

Specialty Classes To Amp Up Calorie Burn

A typical Pure Barre class is only offered at one level, with similar exercises offered in each class and modified versions available for beginners. Some participants have reported seeing visible results in less than ten classes, burning off roughly 5,000 calories in that time. For those who want to increase calorie burn even more and focus on toning a special area of the body, there are four intensive classes that are offered at Pure Barre studios. These 75-minute long classes focus on either arms, abs, thighs or butt. These classes amp up the calorie burn to about 500 to 600 calories, mostly because of their longer length. There are also two other specialty classes periodically offered. The first breaks down the Pure Barre technique and reasoning for the practice for beginners. The second teaches the Pure Barre technique at a slower pace for those who may find the original technique too strenuous. These classes do not focus as much on calorie burn as they do on basic form and technique.

Your Pure Barre Practice

The experts at Pure Barre recommend that you practice often and have some props at home to keep up with the technique when you cannot make it to the studio. You can find studios near you if you are interested in feeling the burn for yourself. They also sell instructional DVDs if you can not find a studio nearby or just want to supplement your exercise routine with this technique and burn extra calories while toning your body.