How Can I Tryout for an NBA Team?

    Step 1

    Play high school varsity basketball and excel at your position. Earn all-league, all-state or All-America honors to attract national recognition. Colleges and NBA scouts track the best high school players, especially tall ones.

    Step 2

    Earn a basketball scholarship to a four-year university, preferably one with a national reputation in the sport and a well-respected coach. Become a standout player in whatever conference the university plays in, or become one of the national leaders in statistics, such as field goals, rebounds or 3-point shots. Success at the collegiate level could lead to getting drafted by an NBA team.

    Step 3

    Ask your college coach to talk to NBA scouts about you. Assemble a highlight reel of your best plays to submit to an NBA scout, along with your coach’s recommendation. NBA scouts sometimes hold individual tryouts, but these require the strong recommendation of a respected coach, professional player or another scout. An NBA team that is interested in you might place you in the Development League and monitor your progress.

    Step 4

    Earn an invitation to an NBA tryout, such as the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. NBA scouts evaluate players during the four-day tournament. The Portsmouth Invitational is as close as you can get to an NBA franchise tryout without being a recognized draft prospect.

    Step 5

    Contact the NBA Development League through their website. Information concerning national tryouts for the league will be posted on the site's homepage. The D-league, as it is called, functions like an NBA minor league. Each D-league team is affiliated with one or more of the NBA franchises. Players who excel are “called up” by the affiliated franchise to play in the NBA.

    Step 6

    Contact the International Basketball League to find out when they hold open tryouts. The IBL is a minor league unaffiliated with the NBA, but it is known for being a resource for scouts and coaches from professional teams all over the world, including the NBA.

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