The Best Chairs for the Elderly

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Elderly folks may suffer from one or more maladies that prevent them from sitting on wood, plastic or steel chairs. An armless chair or a stool doesn’t provide enough support for most senior citizens (especially when standing up), so comfort and therapeutic value take precedence over décor and fashion.

High Seat Chairs Provide Comfort, Extra Support and Good Looks

Upholstered, living room chairs with high seat backs provide sturdy support for an elderly person’s back. A foam padded chair with armrests like the Stein World Accent Chair with High Back from Walmart gives elderly people cushioning for their backs and something to grip onto if they have trouble standing up.

Shower Chairs for Bathroom Mobility

As people age, it becomes harder to maneuver in the shower and get in and out of the bathtub. A shower chair makes it easy for seniors who have weak legs or trouble standing or balancing in the shower. The Carex Universal Bath Bench (with back) has round feet that can rest against the front or the curvy back of the bathtub without wobbling. There are grab bars on both sides of the chair, and the textured, adjustable seat prevents slipping. Its also a good chair for seniors who need a bit of support out of the shower.

Comfortable Recliner Chairs

La-Z-Boy and other manufacturers offer all different types of comfy recliner chairs that elderly folks love. The Cloud Nine Chaise Rocker Recliner by Catnapper has an extending ottoman and a padded chaise to make sitting for long periods a lot softer.

Massage Chairs for Built-in Therapy

An invigorating massage chair adds heat and soft vibrating massage to soothe muscles and aching bones. The Power Life Chaise Recliner with Heat and Massage by Catnapper combines all the functions and features an elderly person needs in a living room chair. It has padded arms, adjustable heat and massage settings, and a lift to rest tired feet.

Stylish Seat Uplift Chair

The Risedale Seat Uplift Chair is specifically designed for seniors' everyday comfort, and still resembles a stylish wing chair. It has the same uplift feature of regular recliners, but only the seat moves upward, not the entire chair. It has two discreet levers to raise and lower the seat, and the legs are adjustable to accommodate your height. This allows the chair to rise with the user to help him to a standing position.