How to Check the Golf Cart Brakes on a Club Car

Socket wrench

You hit a beautiful drive down the middle of the fairway. As you drive your cart to the ball you consider your next shot and jump out, ready to hit your next shot tight to the pin. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your cart is going to stop when and where you want it to. Checking the cart's brakes on a Club Car is a simple process that will keep your cart from leaving without you.

Determine the model year of your Club Car. Club Car made a significant change to its brake design in 1994, so if you have a pre-1994 model your brakes will be assembled like a standard automobile brake. Post-1994 models have a brake shoe adjuster that self adjusts the brake shoe as the brake pedal is pressed down. If you do not know the model year you will be able to tell after Step 2 if there is no brake shoe adjuster on your wheel axle.

Jack up the cart. Drive your cart onto a level surface, and then jack up the rear wheels using the floor jack. Brakes on a Club Car are only on the back two wheels, so you will not have to repeat the process on the front wheels. Remove the wheels with the socket wrench, most Club Cars use a 3/4-inch socket.

Determine the shoe wear. For the post-1994 models, the brake shoe adjuster will have an adjustable screw visible on the outside of the drum. The more threads visible, the more life left on your shoe. If your brakes do not squeal you do not need to worry about changing them. For pre-1994 models, the same rule applies.

Adjust the brake pad. For pre-1994 models, there is a 7mm adjusting screw on the back of the drum. Turn that screw toward the outside of the cart until the pad and the drum are in contact. Screw until there is a little resistance to ensure good contact, then release the pressure by unscrewing until there is no resistance.

Clean the moving parts using your rag and WD-40. Using WD-40 will help keep the brake parts lubricated and will not rust the parts if you used water. Reattach the wheels and lower the cart. Test the brakes to make sure that they are functioning properly before taking the cart back to the course.


Much like car brakes, Club Car brakes are designed to squeal when the brake pads are becoming worn. If you live in an area near salt water be sure to wipe down the brake cables with WD-40 as well as the moving parts.