How to Choose Athletic Cup Size

    Determine first whether or not the athletic cup is for an adult or a kid. Young boys' athletic cups are naturally smaller than adults. Boys' categories are divided also between Youth and Boys. Children as young as 5 years old participate in organized sports and should be protected.

    Select from athletic cup sizes of Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large for men and Youth and Boys sizes.

    Choose an athletic cup that matches the physique. Do not buy a larger cup size than necessary. Although they are related, cup size is not determined by the weight or waist size of the wearer but the size of the area being protected.

    Try on the athletic cup over a pair of shorts. Sporting goods stores do not mind if customers try on athletic cups over their shorts.

    Pick a specially designed cup if purchasing one for a senior citizen athlete. Some seniors have special needs and may require a slightly larger cup to accommodate therapeutic gear.

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