Creative Physical Activities


Creative physical activities are rapidly becoming an option to traditional work-out routines. Sports disciplines that encourage creative expression are growing in popularity as athletes search for the latest trends in physical fitness. Activities such as break dancing, martial arts tricking and freerunning provide intense workouts while stimulating the imagination. For individuals who have trouble finding motivation to exercise, these disciplines open the door to new possibilities.


Gymnastics is a creative physical activity that dates back to the dawn of civilization. There are several different disciplines within the sport, such as floor exercises, vaults and trampolining. Although gymnastics has rigid, time-tested techniques, the sport does allow for a great deal of creative expression. For example, rhythmic gymnasts turn the sport into an art form by incorporating acrobatics and dance moves into their routines. The pommel horse, balance beam and rings also allow gymnasts to broaden traditional techniques with their own unique flair and artistry.

Break Dancing

The art of dance provides a way to stay fit while having fun. There are several different types of dance, each with its own unique form and style. Break dancing, in particular, is one of the few dance styles that encourages creative extrapolation. At its core, break dancing is about taking different techniques and creating your own unique rendition. Break dancing borrows from martial arts, gymnastics and hip-hop culture in general to create mind-bending moves that require psychical strength, dexterity and imagination. B-boy Raphael "4Eyes" Natan remarks, "It is very hard, but once you have the basic foundations in place, your mind begins taking over and the creativity starts to come in."

Martial Arts Tricking

Martial arts tricking is an extreme sport that is relatively new. A recent feature in Huffington Post described martial arts tricking as "parkour without the cityscape, or half-pipe skateboarding without the board." You might have seen the unique creativity of martial arts tricking in Hollywood films such as "Tron: Legacy" and "Tekken." Tricking blends martial arts kicks and gymnastics transitions to make combination sequences that boggle the mind. The goal is to maintain balance and fluidity as you link together trick after trick. The creative possibilities of the sport are endless.

Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour and freerunning are physical activities that require a high level of creativity. Many athletes combine the two disciplines because they are so closely related. Parkour concentrates on efficiently navigating urban terrains, while freerunning emphasizes the art of urban movement itself. Parkour provides the foundation, while freerunning encourages the evolution of the art form. The true joy of this sport lies in imagining creative new ways to maneuver over and through different obstacles. Practitioners of this physical discipline often build their own courses and develop their own vault techniques. Essentially, there are no rules; the possibilities are limited only by your physical abilities and the extent of your creativity.