How to Deflate a Volleyball

You can remove air from a volleyball simply and easily using a needle from an air pump. If the volleyball needs to be a certain size, remove the air slowly, checking often if the ball has reached the right size. Or, you can fully deflate a volleyball quickly for easier storage.

Unscrew the needle from the air pump.

Insert the needle into the inflation hole on the volleyball. Air will start to come out. Remove the needle when the ball has the air pressure you want.

If you want to deflate the volleyball completely, keep the needle in place and gently press on the ball when the air becomes low and does not flow out on its own. Kneel on the ball or fold the flattened ball to press more air out.

When all the air is removed, pull out the needle while pressing on the volleyball. This prevents air from flowing back into the ball.


Do not stick sharp objects, such as pins or knives, into the inflation hole, as it will damage the volleyball.