How to Delete an ESPN Fantasy Team

ESPN offers sports fans a multitude of fantasy games, including:

  • football,
  • baseball,
  • basketball,
  • and hockey.

Owners of these teams may need to delete a team for any number of reasons. Sometimes fantasy players just stretch themselves too thin by making an inordinate number of teams.

Other players may accidentally join the wrong league. As long as your draft has yet to start, ESPN makes it easy for you to leave a fantasy league.


Go to the ESPN homepage and click the ​Fantasy​ link on the upper right-hand side.


Click the "​Log In​" link in the top-right corner and enter your ESPN account information. Your fantasy teams will appear in the right column below each sport.

3. Select Team

Click on the name of the team that you want to delete. You will be taken to that team's page.

4. Click Leave

Click the "Leave League" link on your team page. If your league has already drafted, this link will not be available. You must delete a team before the draft takes place. Once you have clicked the link, your team will be deleted and removed from the league.


There is no way to delete a team after the league draft.

If you plan on deleting a team, it is courtesy to do so at least a few days before the draft. This allows the league commissioner to find a replacement owner in time for the draft.

Any pre-draft player rankings or team logos you created while in the league will disappear when you delete the team. Record this data if you wish to keep it.

Keeper league players have the option to leave leagues in between seasons.

When ESPN re-opens the league and team pages before the new season, the "Leave League" option will be available. It still must be done before the draft. The leaving owner will have no way to access the team, but the roster will remain intact and be ready for the replacement owner to take over.