DIY Earplugs

Earplugs help you avoid damaging your ears in loud situations. They can also help you ignore noises around you while you are trying to sleep, concentrate or study. Although they are cheap and easy to buy, you might not always have earplugs with you. In a pinch, DIY earplugs can block out some of the noises that might be bothering you.

DIY Cotton Ear Plugs

Cotton is easy to get, and it does a fair amount of noise blocking. Find two large cotton balls, and wad them up so that they fit into your ear. Press them into your ear canal, but only at the front. You should see a bit of noise reduction right away.

Take caution with cotton ear plugs because cotton balls can separate and leave cotton pieces behind in your ear. Try not to stick them too far into your ear canal. When you remove them, grasp the earplug firmly as far down on it as you can, and pull gently. Do not force the cotton into your ears.

Headbands and Ear Muffs

Try covering the top of your ears to block out noises. Find an ear protector of thick wool that is made for winter weather. These are generally small bands that go in a circle around your head and are meant to cover your ears in freezing weather. Put one on, and be sure that your ears are entirely covered. Then, top that with a pair of regular earmuffs. Although these pieces won't entirely block out the sound, they will do a good job of muffling the sound so that you shouldn't be able to hear as much as you can without them.

DIY Silicone Earplugs

Find DIY silicone earplugs. Several companies sell DIY earplug kits. These kits are small pieces of silicone, molders and directions for molding the silicone into the best shape to fit your ear. Purchase a DIY silicone kit, and then follow directions to complete the earplugs.

Most kits come with small balls of silicone. Usually, you use an initial mold substance to find the shape of your ear, and then you use the silicone molds of your ear to create the shaped earplug. These earplugs can be used for riding motorcycles, going to concerts, performing music, being in loud places or trying to sleep with noises in the room.