How to Do a Grapevine Aerobic Exercise

    Start by standing with your feet side by side in an area that allows you to move around, such as a dance floor or gym space.

    Learn the counts that accompany the step. There are 8 counts in a complete sequence. You will use 4 counts moving to your first side direction and 4 counts moving in the opposite direction back to your starting point. There will be 8 steps or 8 actual times that you step on a foot in the grapevine movement.

    Step out to your right side on your right foot (count 1). The left leg steps behind the right foot or crosses behind to place the left foot on the ground (count 2). Step out to the right again with the right foot (count 3) and bring the left foot beside the right foot (count 4).

    Repeat the previous steps in reverse order. Step out to your left side with your left foot (count 5). Step behind the left foot or cross behind with the right foot (count 6). Step out to the left again with the left foot (count 7) and bring the right foot beside the left foot (count 8). You've now completed the 8-count grapevine aerobic movement.

    Make your steps noticeably big and match your steps to the beat of the music. Add arm movements up and down to add intensity to the grapevine step.

    Change the look of the grapevine step by varying the steps. The step behind could be a hop. The final step on each side could be a "behind leg" kick. Vary the movements of the grapevine step as your skill level increases.

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