How to Do a Split in Four Weeks


Splits are most often associated with gymnastics, cheerleading and ballet, and performing this stretch requires a very high level of flexibility. Even if you don't partake in one of these sports, it is still possible to teach your body to do a split. However, completing a split successfully requires a lot of work, dedication, and mental strength, especially if you want to do them in just four weeks.

Warm up. Do this by jumping rope or running on the spot for at least five minutes. Stretching cold muscles can cause tears or injuries so make sure you always warm up.

Stretch everyday for 30 minutes. Do this twice a day, preferably in the morning and the evening. Include all leg, hip and groin stretches such as toe touches, v-sitting, lunges, butterfly sitting and forward leg extensions.

Hold each stretch for at least a minute. Stretch until the muscle starts to resist, but never so far that you feel pain. Lean into each stretch and avoid bouncing.

Try to do a split. Even if you can't do a split yet, you should still go through the movements to teach your body what to do. Relax into a split position and hold for as long as possible. Concentrate on your breathing and allow your muscles to relax. Attempt this every day to monitor your progress and stretch out the body.

Increase your stretching time. Each week add 15 minutes to each day's stretching period so that you are spending more and more time working out the body. Split the stretching periods into morning and afternoon sessions so that the body has some time to recover or adapt. If this is not possible however, make each session at least 2 hours apart.