How to Drive a Golf Cart

    Ensure that the brake is pressed down firmly and locked into place before starting. Most golf carts will not start unless the brake is on but it's always a good idea to double check as a precautionary measure.

    Put the key in the ignition and turn it gently to the "On" position. You are not engaging a motor, so a gentle flick of the wrist is all you will need to start the golf cart. Keep in mind that since the majority of golf carts are electric, you will not "hear" it start. Always assume that the cart is running when in the "On" position.

    Put the golf cart in gear. Most have two gears: "F" for forward and "R" for reverse. Make sure the lever is locked into place before continuing with the next step.

    Gently press on the gas. They key word here is "gently." Press until you hear the brake pop out of the locked position. Golf carts start off at their full horse power, so be prepared for a slight jolt.

    Slow down when making sharp turns because golf carts can topple over quite easily. You'll also want to keep both hands on the steering wheel when making turns. Power steering is not a standard feature in golf carts, so you need a little extra muscle power when making hairpin turns.

    Be sure that when your ride is over you press firmly on the brake until you hear it click into place.

    Remove the keys whenever the cart is not in use.


  • Only charge the golf cart's battery when it is running low. Keeping the cart on the charger at all times when not in use will wear the battery out quickly.


  • Never allow people to stand on the golf cart while it is in motion.
  • Remember that most carts do not come equipped with horns or review mirrors. Always be aware of your surroundings.

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