Exercise to Firm Sagging Thighs After Weight Loss

Cropped shot of a womans legs

An unshapely thigh area after weight loss can occur as a result of sagging skin and lack of muscle tone. As you work to maintain your new weight, you can also reshape your thighs and give your skin a firmer appearance with strength training. Talk to your doctor before you begin any new exercise program to ensure it's the right one for you.

Aerobic Exercise

Participating in aerobic exercise that engages your thigh muscles can help you maintain your weight loss while lifting and toning saggy-looking thighs. Activities such as cycling, swimming, walking and jogging can help you keep the pounds off as you tone your thigh muscles for firmer-looking thighs. If you prefer working out at the local gym, take a spin class, do circuit training or use the stair climber to get your cardiovascular workout and tone saggy thighs.

Strength-Training Exercise

Work your muscles two to three times per week with strength-training exercises. As you build the muscles of your thighs, they'll begin to look smoother and more toned while getting rid of the saggy look. You can use your body weight and perform lunges or squats. Hold a dumbbell in each hand for added resistance and a muscle-toning boost. If you work out at the gym, use the machines to perform leg presses, and inner and outer thigh presses.

Lifestyle Changes to Tone Thighs

Believe it or not, there are exercises and movements you can perform to lift saggy thighs just by changing some of your lifestyle habits. Rather than stand in the elevator or on the escalator to get to your apartment or office, climb the stairs for an aerobic and muscle-toning boost. If you have to run nearby errands, opt to walk or ride your bike instead of driving your car. These simple additions of movement and activity will contribute toward your goal to lift and tone your thighs.

Other Considerations

Loose, sagging skin resulting from a large weight loss generally needs up to two years to firm up. If, after that, your thighs still have a saggy appearance despite your exercise and strength-training efforts, then cosmetic surgery might be the best option for removing it. The process of moving excess skin, known as a body lift, can give your thighs a more toned appearance.