Exercises for Weider Home Gyms


    Many exercises can be performed on a Weider home gym. Workouts can focus on a single body part during a single session or can be used to do circuit training.


    Chest Weider home gyms are typically equipped with a bench press station. This station can be used to perform flat-bench presses, incline presses and decline presses. Some are equipped with a bench that can be moved around to use other stations or dumbbells. Arms Weider home gyms are typically equipped with cable pulleys to perform arm exercises. The equipment can be configured to do standing arm curls, preacher curls and tricep cable pushdowns and standing tricep extensions. Shoulders and back Weider home gyms are typically equipped with cable pulleys to perform shoulder and back exercises. The equipment can be configured to do lat pull-downs, seated rows and side lat raises. Some home gyms are also equipped with a pull-up bar. Abdominals Weider home gyms typically have a station that can be used to perform sit-ups, crunches and other abdominal exercises.

Circuit Training

    Weider home gyms can easily be configured to create a circuit-training program. Before executing this type of workout, set up all the stations that will be used with the right weights and needed attachments. Perform each step using good form and then move on to the next station. Do not rest any longer than 90 seconds between stations. Based on your ability, you can complete multiple circuits and increase the amount of weight used. This type of training is easy on a Weider home gym because you do not have to work around other people.


    Purchase the most complete system that you can afford and can accommodate in your workout space. The more stations a machine has, the more complete a workout you can get. Before purchasing any equipment, go to your preferred fitness equipment retailer and try out the systems available.

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