Face Exercises to Sharpen the Jawline

A Little Slap

    Of all things, smacking the underside of your jaw with the backside of your hand can do wonders to sharpen your jawline. Just doing this as fast as you can manage, at least 30 times a day, is an excellent exercise, according to the Ayushveda.com website.

Improve Overall Health

    One of the most basic ways to improve the look of your jawline is to lose weight from your entire body. Losing fat from your body in general will help to firm your jawline, as well as other areas of your body. So, adopting a proper diet and getting some exercise are both ways to make your jaw look better.

A Facial Workout and Facial Improvements

    Exercising not only can help firm your jaw and facial muscles, but it also promotes improvements to the physical structure of your face. As outlined in completewellbeing.com, when you exercise your facial muscles, you encourage the growth of new cells, and those cells are stronger and healthier cells. Your facial muscles, tendons and ligaments are just like any other muscles in your body--they have to be exercised in order to stay strong, firm and resilient. The other benefits of facial exercises are the stimulation of blood flow, which improves the tone and color of the skin, the improved elasticity of the collagen in the face, which smooths out the face and jawline, and tightening of the skin.

    Try these exercises to firm up your chin and jawline. First, put three fingers just under your lips, and then pull down with the fingers as you pull your lip up into your mouth. Do one set of 10, 10 times daily to firm the chin muscle.

    To reduce a double chin and firm the jawline, put your tongue behind your upper teeth and press firmly. Next, put a small ball (a soft foamy type) under your chin and push up. Hold it there, count to three, and release. Do one set of 10 repetitions every day.

    Finally, try putting two of your fingers under your chin and pulling it to one side at the same time you hold the ball (with the other hand) on the cheek on the other side of your face. Gently push in and drag it up toward your ear, which will help to lift your cheek muscles. Hold it for a count of 10, smile on the side where you had the ball pressed and then change to the other side. Do this in sets of 10, once a day.

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