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How Fast Can a Yamaha TTR125 Dirt Bike Go?


    For years, new and short-road bikers have been waiting for a bike to gratify their desire for off roading. Some models were available to riders, but the typical replicas at the time were considered aged and unappealing. In 2000, Yamaha introduced its TTR125 dirt bike to the scene composed of entry-level capabilities such as a 125 cubic centimeter fuel capacity, 4-stroke, single-cylinder features.


    According to reviews compiled by, the 2009 Yamaha reaches its maximum potential at roughly 60 miles per hour. Its predecessor, the 2008 Yamaha TTR125's highest speed accomplished is estimated at 40 miles per hour. Both models are nearly identical with fuel/engine capacities at 124 cc's, and five-speed transmissions. But the sole difference between the two bikes is that Yamaha improved its 2009 version by adding 9.8 horse power to the product.


    The Yamaha TTR125 is built to accommodate riders of all ages and sizes, but the weight difference between a child and adult could affect the maximum speed and potential of the bike. A child or adult weighing about 120 to 180 lbs may reach top speed slower than a child under 120 lbs. A person's weight is a factor in how fast a bike goes: the lighter the person, the faster the bike will reach its top speed.

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