How to Fix a Broken Softball Bat


Softball bats can break when the ball is hit a certain way, resulting in cracks on the bat. Cracks that run up through the middle of the bat generally cannot be repaired, and hurt the person using them. Smaller cracks on the bat, however, can be repaired quite easily. If the bat is split into two separate pieces, you may want to consider buying a new bat entirely or switching to an aluminum bat, which can dent but otherwise will not break.

Identify the source of the crack, such as one in the handle, on the end of the bat or in the barrel of the bat. Separate the crack as carefully as possible with a flat-head screwdriver and leave the screwdriver wedged in the crack.

Apply a generous amount of wood glue inside the crack. Ensure the glue gets into the crack by using your fingers to rub the glue into the crack.

Remove the screwdriver and apply the clamps to the crack. Use an old rag to wipe away the excess glue. Let it dry for at least three hours or overnight for best results.


Repair the handle of your bat by carefully separating the crack and applying wood glue, then follow with the clamps. Use electrical tape to replace crumbling handle grips.