Fun Basketball Games to Play Alone

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There are many fun basketball games intended for a single player. The games vary and may be closely related to stylistic drills (it is hard to play a game with just one person unless it is a video game). Basketball is a team sport, but the team consists of talented individuals who practice and play games alone and with the team.

Dribbling Games

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Experts like Rick Torbett state that daily individual basketball fundamental routines should include &quot;Ball handling speed and control&quot; drills. Basketball players have superior dribbling and ball-handling skills. Good ball players must be able to utilize both the left and right hand without effort or hesitation. A good game to play is dribbling the ball the length of the court the first time by switching dribbling hands, the second time by doing a few spin moves, and the third time by adding in a crossover and a through-the-legs dribble&hellip; all while utilizing both hands. See how long it takes you to traverse the entire court in this manner, and then try to beat that time.

Free Throws

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The free throw contest game is fun to play alone or with others. The object is to hit as many free throws in a row without missing one. This is a great game for a couple of reasons. First, it improves shooting skills, and second, it prepares a player for real-game foul-shot situations.

Half-Court Hero

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Half-court hero is a fun game to play and a great way to practice long distance shooting in basketball. Players typically shoot the ball from the half-court line while running unless the player possesses enough upper body strength to stop and shoot. Pretend that the half or the game is ending and that you need to hit a buzzer beater to win the game for the team. Making a half-court shot in a real game is a good way to make the highlight reel and get recognition from teammates and coaches.

Trick Shot

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Another fun game to play is the trick-shot game: making a shot from behind the backboard, a no-look-back-to-the-hoop shot, or a similarly impressive display. Trick shots are good for a couple of reasons. One is to impress others with your overall skill levels (trick shots often make the highlight reel). The other is to win while playing HORSE with others.

Three-Point King

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Three-point king is another fun game individual players can play. The object is to practice hitting that game-winning three pointer (a shot made outside the three-point line). This game is good as it improves the player&#039;s three-point shooting ability and rebounding abilities as the player chases down the shot in order to shoot again.