Fun Softball Practice Drills

Speed Drill

Use a speed drill to work on a player's base-running technique and overall fitness level. Have the players form a semi-circle behind home plate. Tell the players they will each take a turn running from the batter's box all the way around the bases.

Encourage the players to cheer on their teammates during the drill. Watch each player's base-running technique and make corrections when necessary.

For example, if a player is taking too wide of a turn around the bases, have her correct the mistake the next time she runs. Repeat the drill until each player has run the bases three times.

Batting Drill

Stand on the pitcher's mound with a bucket of balls to conduct the batting drill. Select a player to be the first batter, then give her instructions on where she must hit each pitch.

For example, before you throw the first pitch tell the player she must hit the ball into right field. For her second attempt, tell the player she must hit the ball over the shortstop's head. Mix up the location of the player's hit attempts, so she can learn to control the bat during her swing. Repeat the drill with the rest of the team.

Throwing Drill

Have the players take their positions on the field for the throwing drill. Tell the team that you will be hitting a ball to different spots on the field, then while they are moving to field the ball you will yell for them to throw to a specific base.

For example, hit a ball to the second baseman and yell for her to throw the ball to the third baseman. Hit a variety of line drives and fly balls to each of the players. Change which base the players throw to after each hit, which will help them work on their listening skills as well as their throwing technique.

Fielding Drill

Work on increasing a player's range during the fielding drill. Have the players take their positions on the field. Stand in the batter's box to conduct the drill. Hit a variety of balls to the players, mixing up the speed and location of each hit.

Work on the infielders' reaction time by hitting them line drives. Hit some balls into the gap in the outfield, so the players have to communicate with each other. Continue the drill until each player has a chance to field at least three balls.

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